Notice of Migration of Qualys Canada CA01 SCP From Datacenter to Public Cloud


This advance notification informs customers with subscriptions on the CA1 platform that we will be migrating to a public cloud infrastructure. This migration is scheduled to take place on the 22nd of Feb 2024 and will require a downtime of 15 hours. See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below to learn more about the benefits of this move and what is needed from customers to ensure a smooth transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of the migration activity?

The Qualys CA1 Shared Cloud Platform (SCP), currently hosted in Physical Datacenter in Canada, Toronto will be migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hosted in Toronto. All customer data will be moved along with all applications and services from the existing SCP environment in the data center to the new environment in the Public Cloud.

When is this activity scheduled?

This migration is scheduled for Thursday, February 22nd, 2024, from 9 P.M Eastern Standard Time (EST). It will occur during the scheduled Quarterly Maintenance Downtime for the CA1 Platform.

Will there be any impact on customers during this migration?

Qualys services will be unavailable during this migration as we migrate customer data and the applications and services to the Public Cloud. Scans using an external scanner might get interrupted until the platform is back online. Qualys recommends pausing scans and then resuming them once the platform is online. The IP address used for communication between Cloud Agents / Scanner Appliances / Qualys Gateway Appliance and our Shared Cloud Platform will remain the same.

Which customers are affected by this migration?

Customers with subscriptions on the CA1 platform will be affected. Please refer to for help identifying your platform.

What testing has been done?

Qualys operations teams have completed extensive testing of the migration process. We have also successfully migrated our other shared cloud platforms in other regions from the data center to the public cloud in a seamless manner.

What are the benefits of the move?

Apart from the common advantages of IAAS, like scalability, the migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will facilitate our compliance with the most stringent regulations in terms of physical security controls.

What steps does the customer need to take?

As part of the migration, the IPv4 addresses associated with the FQDNs (URLs) would remain unchanged. However, scanner IPs currently allocated from the subnet would also be allocated from the existing IPv4 addresses associated with the FQDNs (URLs) IP subnet after migration.

The customer allow list should support both incoming and outgoing traffic to/from IP subnet.

The IPv6 address used by scanners will be changed. The customers will need to allow list the below new IPv6 addresses to ensure uninterrupted connectivity with the scanners. The new IP addresses are within the existing Security Operations Center (SOC) netblock.

New IPv6 block:

2602:FDAA:0040::/48   yyz01-scanner-oci

2602:FDAA:0041::/48   yyz01-prod-oci

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