Qualys Cloud Platform 2.18 (GAV/CSAM) API Notification 1

Prabhas Gupte

A new release of Qualys Cloud Platform 2.18 (GAV/CSAM) includes updated APIs which is targeted for release in May 2024. The specific day will differ depending on the platform. See platform release dates on the Qualys Status page. This API notification provides an early preview into the coming API, allowing you to identify use cases that can leverage this updated API.

What’s New?

In this release, we have introduced new APIs to get vulnerability details from EASM scan results and software vulnerability data. Additionally, existing EASM Profile APIs have been updated with new fields, and certificates and instance details support is extended for unmanaged assets for enhanced visibility.

Newly Added APIs

New API to Get List of Vulnerabilities Discovered by EASM Scan

POST /rest/2.0/search/am/easm/scan/vulns
Using this API, you can get a list of vulnerabilities discovered by an EASM scan.

New API to Fetch Vulnerability Data for Software and Operating Systems Across Assets

POST /rest/2.0/am/catalog/cve/detail
Using this API, you can now see the vulnerability data for software and operating systems across your assets. Please note that, this API is supported only for CSAM Trial and Full (Paid).

Updated APIs

New Fields Added to Responses of EASM Profile APIs

With this release, we have added the enableEASMScan and includeVMAssets fields to the API response of the following EASM Profile APIs.

Get an EASM Profile Data
GET /easm/v2/profile

Create an EASM Profile
POST /easm/v2/profile

Update an EASM Profile Data
PUT /easm/v2/profile/{profileName}

Patch an EASM Profile Data
PATCH /easm/v2/profile/{profileName}

Extended Certificates and Instance Details Support for Unmanaged Assets Detected by EASM

With this release, you can now view certificates and instance details of unmanaged assets detected by EASM using the following Certificate View APIs:

  • List CertView Certificates (v2) API
  • List Server Instances API

Please read the detailed release notes here: https://cdn2.qualys.com/docs/release-notes/qualys-gav-csam-2.18-api-release-notes.pdf

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