Qualys Cloud Platform 3.0 (GAV/CSAM) API Notification 1

Prabhas Gupte

A new release of Qualys Cloud Platform 3.0 (GAV/CSAM) includes updated APIs, which is targeted for release in June 2024. The specific day will differ depending on the platform. See platform release dates on the Qualys Status page. This API notification provides an early preview into the upcoming APIs, allowing you to identify use cases that can leverage these updated APIs.

What’s New?

In this release, we have enhanced GAV/CSAM V2 and V1 APIs to include a new softwareInstances field, providing crucial software instance details and metadata.

Details of Running Software Instances

With this release, we added a new field, softwareInstances, to the response of the following V2 and V1 APIs. From this field, you can get an insight into the important details of software instances and metadata for each software.

Updated V2 APIs

Asset List

POST /rest/2.0/search/am/asset

Asset Count

POST /rest/2.0/count/am/asset

Asset by Asset ID

GET /rest/2.0/search/am/asset

Updated V1 APIs

Asset Count

POST /am/v1/assets/host/count

Asset Filter

POST /am/v1/assets/host/filter/list

Asset List

POST /am/v1/assets/host/list

Asset by Asset ID

POST /am/v1/asset/host/id

Please refer the detailed release note here: https://cdn2.qualys.com/docs/release-notes/qualys-gav-csam-3.0-api-release-notes.pdf

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