QualysGuard 7.12 Update: Multiple New Enhancements

Pronamika Abraham

Last updated on: July 19, 2022

An update to QualysGuard 7.12 will be released in production in the coming weeks to introduce improvements to the QualysGuard Cloud Platform and API:

  • New Permission to Manage External IDs
  • Dissolvable Agent Per Scan
  • QualysGuard API Enhancements

QualysGuard Cloud Platform

The following enhancements have been added to the platform:

New Permission to Manage External IDs

In this release, the Manager Primary Contact can now control which managers have permission to assign/edit external IDs for users. (In previous releases, any manager could change the external ID.)

Dissolvable Agent Per Scan

This release introduces the ability to enable the dissolvable agent on a per scan basis. You do this by selecting the dissolvable agent in your option profile (for vulnerability scans) and compliance profile (for compliance and SCAP scans). The dissolvable agent must first be accepted for the subscription.

The dissolvable agent will be enabled in your existing option profiles (and compliance profiles) automatically if the dissolvable agent was accepted for your subscription prior to this release. If it was not accepted, then it is not enabled in your option profiles.

Additionally, the dissolvable agent is not enabled by default in new option profiles.

QualysGuard Vulnerability Management – Scan Option Profile

VM Dissolvable

QualysGuard Policy Compliance

PC Dissolvable

QualysGuard API Enhancements

More details about the API feature in QualysGuard 7.12 update can be found in the QualysGuard 7.12 Update API Notification.

Compliance Posture Info – API v2 Enhancements

With this release we’ve added new input parameters to the “Compliance Posture Info” API v2 (with the endpoint /api/2.0/fo/compliance/posture/info/) to give you more flexibility with downloading compliance posture data from your account.

  • Using the new “policy_ids” parameter you can download compliance posture data for up to 10 policies.
  • Using the new “asset_group_ids” parameter you can filter compliance posture data to include certain asset groups. When used, posture data is downloaded only for hosts in the asset groups you’ve specified.

Full release notes will be available to customers from within the Resources section of your QualysGuard account.

Release Schedule

For details about the release dates and to subscribe to release notifications by email, please see the following:

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    1. We added external IDs a long time ago. This is an update to allow other QualysGuard managers to add or edit a Users External ID.

      • External ID for User Accounts: QualysGuard 6.13 provides the ability for Managers and Unit Managers to add a unique external ID to a user’s account, facilitating seamless integration with existing user management tools and processes.

      It is just another way other than email to link a Qualys user to some internal directory.