Qualys Cloud Platform 2.16 New Features

Pronamika Abraham

Last updated on: June 3, 2020

A new release of the Qualys Cloud Platform (AssetView 2.16, Cloud Agent Platform 1.7.0) includes several new features for AssetView, ThreatPROTECT and Cloud Agent.

AssetView and ThreatPROTECT

  • Simplified Dashboard Refresh – You can now refresh an entire dashboard with a single click of the Refresh All button.
  • Improved Table View Widget – The table widget now supports column selection and sorting allowing you to add many more columns in your customized dashboards.
  • Configurable ThreatPROTECT Live Feed Widget – Easily select how many items to display in the Threat Feed widget.
  • DNS Hostname Tagging Support – DNS hostnames in new asset groups will be assigned asset group tags. You’ll see these DNS hostnames tagged with their asset group tag in the AssetView (AV) module.

Cloud Agent

  • Bulk Activation of Cloud Agents – A new option was added to activate all the cloud agents listed in the search result or all cloud agents in your account.

Release Notes

For more detailed information on these features, see the attached release notes:

The specific day for deployment will differ depending on the platform.  Release Dates will be published on the Qualys Status page when available.

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