Qualys Cloud Platform 2.17 New Features

Pronamika Abraham

Last updated on: June 3, 2020

Qualys Cloud Platform release 2.17 includes updates and new features for:

  • AssetView (version 2.17.0)
  • Cloud Agent Platform (version 1.8.0)
  • Continuous Monitoring (version 1.16.0)
  • Security Assessment Questionnaire (version 2.2.0)


AssetView and ThreatPROTECT

  • Asset Location – You can now view the location of an asset on a map within the Asset Summary page. This enables you to quickly pinpoint where your assets are located in real time.

Cloud Agent

  • Configuration Profiles Improvements – Updated dialogs, workflows, host assignments, and customization functionality to make it easier to create, manage, and assign Cloud Agent configuration profiles, including: define and easily reorder profile priorities, directly assign a profile to an agent host from the Configuration Profile and the Agent Summary screens, updated dialogs to more easily create and edit custom profiles from the default templates, and delete unassigned profiles.
  • Enhanced Search Options – Search for agents based on its last connected time (“Not Connected Since”) to easily find agents that are not communicating to the platform, agents installed on ephemeral cloud instances that are no longer running, or for other troubleshooting purposes.
  • Bulk Actions to Activate, Deactivate, Uninstall – Execute activate, deactivate, and uninstall bulk actions against multiple agents at one time from a search result using available search criteria (agent version, operating system, tag names, module activation, not connected since, last checked in within, etc.).  Bulk actions simplify the management of large scale agent deployments using the user interface.

Continuous Monitoring

  • Active Port Alerts  – You can now get alerts in CM for active ports discovered by your vulnerability scans. An active port is one that was previously reported as open and is still open.

Security Assessment Questionnaire

  • Library Template Update – CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls template added to the Template Library.

For more detailed information on these features, see the attached release notes: qualys-cloud-suite-portal-217-release-notes.

The specific day for deployment will differ depending on the platform.  Release Dates will be published on the Qualys Status page when available.

Coming Soon in 2.18

The following features originally planned for 2.17 will follow soon after this release, approximately one month later.

  • AssetView and ThreatPROTECT – Trending – Count widgets now have the option to record and graph trend information directly on the widget, allowing you to track any AssetView query over time.
  • Security Assessment Questionnaire – Delete User(s) – Users can now be deleted from your subscription. User accounts created for testing or accounts no longer required can be easily removed.
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