Qualys Cloud Suite 8.11 New Features

Pronamika Abraham

Last updated on: June 3, 2020

This new release of the Qualys Cloud Suite, version 8.11, adds several new major features including:

  • Customizable Login Banners
  • New VM features including QID Changelog View, PCAP Scanning in Express Lite subscriptions, Scanning Options, and Timestamps on IG QID’s.
  • PC improvements to File Monitoring UDC as well as Policy Compliance Reporting Options.
  • Expanded Policy Compliance platform support including Palo Alto Firewall, MongoDB, and Apache Tomcat on Windows.

Feature Highlights

Qualys Cloud Platform

  • Customizable Login Banner – You can now choose to display an “Authorized Use Only” message to users after they log in. Contact Qualys Support or your Technical Account Manager if you’re interested in this feature.Customizable Login Banner

Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM)

  • QID changelog – A new tab exists in the QID popup in the Knowledge Base that will show a changelog containing a description of changes made to the QID, along with timestamps.QID changelog
  • PCAP scanning in Express Lite subscription – You can now run a PCAP scan to get full capture data of a scan from an Express Lite subscription.
  • Do not override Host OS value – A new setting in the Option Profile allows you to not override OS detections on specific scans. This enables you to perform specific targeted scans against a small number of QIDs with the authoritative option enabled, and the scan will no longer result in a less accurate OS detection.
  • Maximum scan runtime – You can now specify minutes for maximum scan runtime for more granular control of scans.
  • Timestamps for Information Gathered – First Found, Last Found, and Times Detected for Information Gathered detections are now shown in reports and host information.

Qualys Policy Compliance (PC/SCAP)

  • Directory Based File Snapshot UDC – You can now define a user defined control to calculate hash based file integrity at the directory level and automatically update snapshots after changes.
  • Select a Timeframe for Policy Reports – You now have the option to report compliance data for hosts scanned within a certain timeframe. The report summary, host statistics and detailed results sections of your report will be based on the timeframe you specify.
  • Platform Support:
    • Apache Tomcat on Windows – Apache Tomcat support, previously only available on Linux/UNIX, has been extended to support Windows.   Authenticated scans are now supported Apache Tomcat 7.x and 8.x on Windows, and 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x on Linux/UNIX, and VMware vFabric tc Server 2.9.x/Pivotal tc Server 3.x.
    • MongoDB – Support and new authentication record for MongoDB 3.x.
    • Palo Alto Firewall – Support and new authentication record for scans against PanOS 6, 7, and 8.

For more details about the above features – please review the release notes. Release notes will be posted as soon as they are available on the Qualys Suite Release Notes page.

API Notification Links will be added when available.

Platform release dates will be published on the Qualys Status page when available.

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