Qualys Cloud Platform (VM, PC) 8.13 New Features

Pronamika Abraham

Last updated on: June 3, 2020

This new release of the Qualys Cloud Platform (VM, PC), version 8.13, includes several new feature improvements across the apps such as the ability to test authentication records, as well as improvements to UDC’s and report options in Qualys Policy Compliance.

Feature Highlights

Qualys Cloud Platform

  • Test Authentication Records – You can now run a quick scan to test authentication against a target host to verify that credentials are working before running a full scan. If you are a pay-per-scan customer, these scans will not count against the scans available in your account.


Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM)

  • Enhanced DNS and NetBIOS Options in Asset Group Redesigned workflow for adding DNS and NETBIOS hosts to an Asset Group – Adding DNS and NETBIOS hosts to Asset Groups is now easier and more efficient.
  • SCA Trial Availability


Qualys Policy Compliance (PC/SCAP)

  • MacOS 10.13 UDC support – The UNIX/LINUX UDC’s have been extended to support MacOS X 10.13.
  • Expanded timeframe options for policy reports – You now have the option to report compliance data for hosts scanned within a certain timeframe. The report summary, host statistics and detailed results sections of your report will be based on the timeframe you specify. The timeframe options have been expanded to include variable options such as Last N days. Previously you were required to enter a specific date range.


For more details about the above features – please review the release notes. Release notes will be posted as soon as they are available on the Qualys Cloud Platform Release Notes page.

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Platform release dates will be published on the Qualys Status page when available.

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