Qualys Cloud Platform (VM, SCA, PC) 8.15 New Features

Pronamika Abraham

Last updated on: June 3, 2020

This new release of the Qualys Cloud Platform (VM, SCA, PC), version 8.15, includes several new improvements across the VM, PC, and SCA Apps including new IPv6 configuration options for the scanner, improvements to several VM reports including ability to display EC2 metadata, a new Policy Compliance report, and expanded platform support for VM, PC, and SCA.

Feature Highlights

Qualys Cloud Platform

  • Advanced IPv6 Configuration for Appliances – Scanner Appliances now support advanced IPv6 configuration options such as VLANs and static routes.
  • Move/Add IP’s between Apps – You can easily add, edit, or move IP addresses between the Qualys PC, VM, and SCA Apps – this allows you to easily add assets from your VM environment to PC or SCA, and easily move an asset from SCA to assess it with more complex controls in PC.

Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM)

  • Oracle WebLogic Authentication Support for VM – Vulnerability Management now supports the use of Oracle WebLogic authentication to provide deeper detections for vulnerabilities in WebLogic, as well as enhanced detections for frameworks such as Struts.
  • Hosts Not Alive in Scan Results – Scan results now show up to 1000 hosts that were not found to be alive during the scan. This was increased from a limit of 200.
  • Additional AWS EC2 Information added to reports – Additional EC2 information like Account ID, Region Code, and Subnet ID are added to the reports, enabling users to target the instance to the business owner and location more precisely. Make sure to select the checkbox for including EC2 information in the report templates to see instance specific information in your reports.

Qualys Policy Compliance (PC/SCAP)

  • New Qualys PC reports (HTML and CSV) – The Compliance Report has been rebuilt to significantly improve usability of the report and better organize the compliance posture data to make it easier to find critical information.
    The Report Summary and Trend Summary sections provide more information at-a-glance, such as number of controls that passed, failed, or had an error; approved or pending exceptions. Several sections such as Trend Summary, Control Statistics, Host Statistics, Control Glossary, and Appendix are now expandable or collapsible with just a click.

    A high-level summary is displayed for each host when the result is grouped by hosts. Similarly, when the result is grouped by controls, a high-level summary is displayed for each control. Users can expand a row to see the complete details and a break-down of each technology or section of the policy.

  • Expanded UDC Support – UDC support has been added to Amazon Linux 2 and Debian Linux 9
  • Expanded Platform Support – New authentication records and support for PC has been added for MariaDB, DB2 11.x, and JBoss/WildFly.

For more details about the above features – please review the release notes. Release notes will be posted as soon as they are available on the Qualys Cloud Platform Release Notes page.

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Platform release dates will be published on the Qualys Status page when available.

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