Qualys Cloud Platform 8.22 New Features (VM, PC)

Pronamika Abraham

Last updated on: June 1, 2020

Update December 11, 2019: See additional details about this release.

The 8.22.0 release adds several new features in Qualys Cloud Platform, adds a new API in Policy Compliance and support for 2 new technologies for OCA.

Feature Highlights

Qualys Cloud Platform

  • Support for DNS tracking – You can now track an asset by DNS when a valid hostname is found for the asset while scanning.
    To enable DNS tracking, go to Scans > Setup > DNS Tracking and then check the Enable DNS Tracking for hosts checkbox in the DNS Tracking Setup screen.
    After this option is enabled, results of the scans with the hosts having valid DNS hostname will be tracked by DNS if scan was launched on DNS hostname.
    If you want to enable the option to track assets by DNS if valid hostnames are found, contact Qualys Support.
  • New option to include EC2 micro and nano instances into the Cloud perimeter scan – Users can now include EC2 assets with instance types t2.nano, t3.nano, t1.micro and m1.small while creating a Cloud Perimeter scan job for EC2 instances.Users can edit an existing scan job or choose this option in a new scan job. Go to Scans > Scans > Cloud Perimeter Scan > Target Hosts screen and check the Include AWS EC2 micro/nano/small instance types check box.Note: This option is only available if micro and nano instance types are activated for your account.

    In Scans > Scans > Cloud Perimeter Scan > Review screen, the Assets qualified for scan and Assets submitted to scan will now include the count of micro/nano/small instances if you have chosen to add EC2 micro and nano instances into the Cloud perimeter scan.

  • New option to include or exclude a connector’s Load Balancers into the EC2 perimeter scan job by using CloudView API – With this release, users can choose to include or exclude public load balancers from the selected connector in the Cloud Perimeter Scan job.To enable this option, check the Include Public Load balancers from selected connector check box in the Scans > Scans > Cloud Perimeter Scan > Target Hosts screen.Note: This option will be available only if your Qualys subscription includes CloudView and your platform has access to the CloudView base URL: qweb_cloud_view_base_url.
  • Support for Edit action for WAS QIDs in KnowledgeBase – Users with a Manager role can now edit WAS QIDs in the same way as other QIDs.
    To edit a QID, select Edit from the Quick Actions menu and choose any of the following:- Change the severity level
    – Add comments to the description
    – Disable the vulnerability (in order to globally filter it out from all hosts in all scan reports)

Qualys Policy Compliance (PC)

  • New API – A new API (/api/2.0/fo/schedule/scan/compliance) has been added in Qualys PC that enables users to create, update, list, and delete scheduled scans for Policy Compliance. See 8.22 API notification.
  • Support for new technologies in OCA – Qualys PC now supports the following new technologies on assets for which data is collected by using Out-of-Band Configuration Assessment (OCA):- Riverbed SteelHead RiOS
    – HP FutureSmart

See 8.22 release notes and 8.22 API release notes.

Original post December 2, 2019: 

Feature Highlights

Qualys Cloud Platform

  • Option to include Load balancers from selected EC2 connector into Cloud Perimeter Scan Users will have an option to include public load balancers associated with the selected EC2 connector in a Cloud Perimeter Scan job. These load balancers will be automatically retrieved from the same connector available in the CloudView app at the time of launching a scan and will be included in the scan job.

Note: This feature is only available to customers who have access to CloudView app in their subscription.

Qualys Policy Compliance (PC)

New technology support for OCA – The following new technologies are going to be added for OCA:

  • Riverbed SteelHead RiOS
  • HP FutureSmart (for HP Printers)

New APIs

See 8.22 API notification.

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