Support Case Creation by Email Discontinued Starting May 1

Himanshu Kathpal

Update April 29, 2021: Important reminder!

To create support cases, use the customer support portal: Log into your Qualys subscription, and click Help > Contact Support.


Original Post, March 23, 2021: The Qualys Support mailbox ( will no longer create support cases in response to incoming emails starting May 1, 2021.

What’s Changing

Effective May 1, 2021, customers may no longer create support cases by sending email to the Qualys Support mailbox at Instead, customers are advised to create support cases via the Customer Support Portal by clicking Help > Contact Support from within your Qualys subscription.

As always, please call Qualys Support for immediate assistance on urgent platform or application issues. We are not making any changes to telephone support.


  • You may still update an existing support case by replying to any notification emails received from for that case.
  • Until May 1, 2021, you may continue to create support cases via email.
  • This change does not impact the Qualys PCI Merchant portal. Qualys PCI customers and Qualys partners can continue to create new cases or notify Qualys Support through the Qualys PCI Merchant portal.

Why the Change

Creating support cases in the Customer Support Portal leads to faster response from Qualys Support.

The Customer Support Portal associates your cases with your Qualys subscription, which provides support engineers the context they need to triage your cases effectively and respond to them more quickly. We have identified that triaging cases received via email with minimal information negatively impacts timely responses and solutions to cases.

Customer Support Portal Resources

In addition to case creation, the Customer Support Portal also offers Support Live Chat for technology and product help; status updates on existing cases; and account, subscription, and appliance questions. Support live chat is available globally 24×5.

You will also find product documentation, troubleshooting guides, support knowledge articles and other technical information along with full search of all technical resources and the Qualys discussions at the Customer Support Portal. We recommend these resources to find answers to questions that other subscribers have encountered.

For more information, please see How to work with Qualys Support.

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