Retention Policy: Support Case Attachments

Himanshu Kathpal

Effective immediately, we are making a change to our data retention policy for support case attachments. Attachments will be deleted from Qualys support cases 30 days after the case is closed. This affects only attachments (files, etc.) and not the rest of the case content.

Why the Retention Policy Change

Case attachments may contain confidential customer information that is not required after closure of the case. Setting a retention period of 30 days reduces risk of exposure of old attachments that are typically not needed for case history. We are implementing this change as part of our layered approach to securing customer data in our support systems. Thirty (30) calendar days allows sufficient time for customers to reopen cases if required, and the same policy will apply to the attachments in reopened cases.

Additional Option

As an additional option for customers, Qualys Support is offering a new feature, “Delete Attachments on Case Close.” If this option is enabled, all case attachments will be deleted immediately from the Qualys support cases when the case is closed. This feature is enabled at the account level; in other words it affects all cases for the account. This feature must be requested by the customer, and can be enabled by the Technical Account Manager(TAM), Support Manager, or CSM.

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