Updates to Qualys Customer Support Portal, Partner Portal, and Discussions

Robert Dell'Immagine

Last updated on: July 12, 2021

Update July 12, 2021: This update is now live.

Note: If you are a Private Cloud Platform (PCP) subscriber who logs into the customer support portal directly, please use this URL: https://success.qualys.com/support/s/login/ or the redirect from the previous URL: https://qualys-secure.force.com/customer/s/login/.

If you are not a PCP customer, you still log into the customer support portal via single sign-on from your Qualys subscription by clicking Help > Contact Support in the main menu.

Original Post: Effective the weekend of 10 July 2021, Qualys is updating the URLs for three public-facing services to use qualys.com URLs instead of force.com URLs. The three services are the Qualys Customer Support Portal, Partner Portal, and Qualys Discussions (forums).

This change does not affect any Qualys subscriptions or product functionality and is functionally transparent to users. Access to these three services will also remain unchanged. The only change is the new URLs that will display in your browser bar.


The URLs will change as follows:

ServiceCurrent URLNew URL
Support Portal


The change will be deployed on the weekend of July 10, 2021.

Why Change URLs

We are making this change to improve search engine optimization (SEO) of the public content on these sites so that customers can more easily find the technical knowledgebase articles and community discussion threads available on these systems. This change is in keeping with Salesforce best practices.

Customer confidential information including support cases and partner content will remain secure and confidential as before, with no change.

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