Qualys Network Passive Sensor Virtual Appliance Supportability

Daniel Galecki

Customers who deployed Network Passive Sensor appliance using a pre-GA version of the app (prior to 1.0 release) should redeploy their virtual appliances to ensure they receive security and feature updates using the latest available images.

What’s Changing

Network Passive Sensor virtual appliances that our customers deploy in their environment support auto-upgrade functionality to ensure those components can kept up to date and benefit from new capabilities and security updates. This functionality has allowed older appliances introduced prior to the general availability (GA) version of Network Passive Sensor (1.0) introduced in January 2020, to receive updates up to 1.3.0 release.

With the upcoming 1.3.2 release, appliances originally deployed prior to GA release (1.0) will no longer be upgraded.

Any customers who originally deployed Network Passive Sensor virtual appliances using pre-GA versions of the appliance should redeploy their appliances using a current image of the appliance. This will allow customers to continue to benefit from new capabilities and receive security updates ensuring Qualys components help maintain secure corporate environments.

Customers who deployed virtual appliances starting with the GA version (1.0 or later) will continue to receive automated upgrades to their appliances and are not required to perform any action.

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