October 2021 Release: CVE ID Detection and Reporting

Pronamika Abraham

The Qualys Cloud Platform October 2021 release includes Qualys Cloud Suite, which contains new features and important enhancements in the Qualys Cloud Platform.

Feature Highlights 

Qualys Cloud Platform 

Option to include CVEs in the host-based scan reports 

Starting this release, Qualys introduces a powerful new capability to generate vulnerability reports based on CVEs and fetch a list of assets that are vulnerable to the specific CVEs. Since these CVEs are specific to each scanned asset, this reporting feature will provide an easy way for users to have precise knowledge about the impacted assets. 

Let’s understand it better with an example: 

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server Update October 2020 covers 6 different editions of SharePoint with a total of 11 CVEs. However, not all CVEs would apply to each edition of SharePoint. For example, SharePoint Foundation 2010 is impacted by only five of the 11 CVEs. Earlier, the vulnerability report would list all the 11 CVEs, without specifying which CVE effects which SharePoint edition, as shown below:  

Application QID CVEs KB# 
SharePoint Foundation 2010 110363 CVE-2020-16941, CVE-2020-16942, CVE-2020-16946, CVE-2020-16948, CVE-2020-16953 KB4486708 

With the new the asset CVE reports, the vulnerability report will display details:  

Application CVEs KB# QID 
SharePoint Foundation 2010 CVE-2020-16941 KB4486708 110363 
SharePoint Foundation 2010 CVE-2020-16942 KB4486708 110363 
SharePoint Foundation 2010 CVE-2020-16946 KB4486708 110363 
SharePoint Foundation 2010 CVE-2020-16948 KB4486708 110363 
SharePoint Foundation 2010 CVE-2020-16953 KB4486708 110363 

To include asset CVEs in the host-based scan report, select Detected CVEs in the Scan Report Template > Display tab. 

Support for DNS scanning in CDN environments 

This feature will be available in a future release of Qualys Cloud Platform.

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