Issue with Asset Tagging Feature with Network Attribute

Pronamika Abraham

Last updated on: November 30, 2021

Currently, when the asset search tag feature is used, assets that belong to the global default network are included in the search, especially in scenarios where users mention a specific network in the search, or even when no network is specified. This results in assets with global default network being included in all asset tag searches; thus, reflecting additional number of assets in the asset search report. This issue occurs because the asset search tags that do not have a global default network UUID are applied to the assets under the global default network.

This fix is already implemented and is disabled by default, and will be automatically enabled in the 2nd week of November, 2021. Once enabled, the issue will be fixed upon the next asset scan or re-evaluation of the asset search tag in your environment.

With this change taking effect, an asset will be included in the search report only if its network matches the networks provided in the asset search tag. The number of assets that are included in the asset search tag will reflect the accurate number of assets in your network, as opposed to the number that is being shown currently.

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