Introducing Rule-based Chatbots on the Qualys Customer Support Portal

Himanshu Kathpal

In 2020, we launched Live Chat on the Qualys Customer Support Portal, which enabled users to chat with live support agents and get answers to their questions in real-time.

Encouraged by the success of the Live Chat feature, in our continuous efforts to add self-service features, we are thrilled to unveil a rule-based chatbot on our Customer Support Portal. With this chatbot, we intend to bring resolution closer to customers. The rule-based chatbot will precede the Live Chat option and try to resolve any user query before connecting to a live support agent.

Click the “Chat with Us” button on the bottom-right corner to experience the new chatbot. In its beta phase, this chatbot is capable of:

  • Segregating Customer Service queries from Technical Support queries for a faster resolution
  • Pointing you to the right documents from the Qualys information repository
  • Connecting you to a Live Support agent if you need more information about your issue or chat about an existing case
  • Opening a support case by extracting details from your conversation with the bot

We are eager and excited for you to use this rule-based chatbot that supplements Live Chat.

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