Introducing a New Contact Center Platform To Connect With Qualys Support for an Improved Experience

Himanshu Kathpal

Last updated on: December 13, 2021

At Qualys, we constantly strive to improve our customer support experience. Over the next few months, you will see a variety of additions to our customer support platform to help enhance your experience of connecting with Qualys. As one such initiative, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Qualys Call Centre Platform.

What’s Changing

Effective Dec 13, 2021, when contacting Qualys, you will be diverted to the new Contact Centre system. The new Contact Centre system introduces an advanced calling experience that provides flexibility and consistency to our customers.

The new Contact Centre system offers an advanced call flow that spans the entire range of Qualys products. To land your call in the correct queue in the shortest duration, when you call Qualys Support, choose the related product family and product based on your question or request. This connects you to the Technical Support Engineers specialized in the product you select. Here’s a table that you can use as a quick reference for products and their families:

Product FamiliesProducts
VMDRVM/CSAM/PM/Continuous Monitoring/Threat Protection
Web AppsWAS/WAF/Web Malware Detection
ComplianceFIM/PC/SAQ/Out-of-Band CA
Cloud ContainersContainer Security
EDR/XDREndpoint Detection and Response, Indication of Compromise

Important to Know

Here are some important scenarios introduced in the new Call flow:

  1. Calling about an existing case
  • Pre-requisites
    1. Case number
    2. Qualys Username for validation
  • Call Routing Flow
    1. Call transfers to the Technical Support Engineer/Agent assigned to your case.
    2. If the Technical Support Engineer/Agent assigned to your case is not available, call routes to the specific Queue
    3. You can choose the “Call back” option during the hold time
  1. Calling for a New Case
  • Pre-requisites
    1. Qualys Username for validation
  • Call Routing Flow
    1. Choose from options such as Private Cloud Platform (PCP Technical Support)/Shared Cloud Platform (SCP Technical Support)/PCI Compliance Technical Support/Account Subscription or Appliance Shipment
    2. Call routes to the respective queue depending on your input
    3. For Shared Cloud Platform (SCP), choose your Product Family from (VMDR, Web Apps, Compliance, Cloud Containers, or EDR/XDR)
    4. Call routes to the respective Queue/Agent

Note: This change does not impact the Qualys Support Numbers published on the Customer Support Portal.

Why the Change

As part of our continuous effort to provide you with the best possible service, we are expanding on the capabilities of the current telephone support to the new platform by increasing transparency, access to information and better call management.

Last updated on 13th December 2021

Qualys is committed to a smooth and bug-free customer experience. We thoroughly test new features and capabilities before opening it up to our customers. As a part of the testing effort for the new Contact Center System, we have run into a couple of unanticipated technical errors. We have been forced to adjust the Go-Live date for this platform by a week. The extended timeline allows us to fix these technical errors and do a complete round of testing to ensure you have an enhanced Support experience when this is released.

Our new estimated Go-Live date for the Contact Center System is 20th December 2021. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we table this unforeseen issue.

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