Data Retention Policy for Container Security 1.14

Kong Yew Chan

Starting with Container Security 1.14, we are implementing a data retention policy for sensors, containers, and events. The data retention policy specifically removes data from Qualys Container Sensor platform when the time period over which the data is retained exceeds the stated data retention policy period.

Data retention periods are configured with these default values as shown in the table below. Please use the API to export the data before it is deleted as per these data retention policies.

Why are we implementing this data retention policy?

Data Type Default Retention Value (in days) 
Sensor 390 (approx. 13 months) 
Container 390 (approx. 13months) 
Event (Behavioral) 
Event (Standard) 

As we standardize data retention policies across our cloud platform, we are updating the policies for sensors and containers. Having uniform data retention policies ensures the latest data is always available, increases data relevancy while optimizing overall system performance.

Will I be able to access the data once the retention period has elapsed?

No, once the data is purged as per the retention policies, the data cannot be restored.

If you have any questions regarding the data retention policy for Container Security, please reach out to Qualys support.

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