Upcoming Enhancements to QID 45038 : Host Scan Time

Himanshu Kathpal

QID 45038: Host Scan Time is leveraged to identify and troubleshoot the assets with big scan times. This is widely adopted across our customer base, and https://success.qualys.com/support/s/article/000006172 suggests this approach.

We discovered that Cloud Agents are preventing this workflow from functioning. When the Cloud Agent scan is processed (very often when compared to their network scans) it overwrites the results section of QID 45038.

We have created a new QID 45531: Host Scan Time – CloudAgent for the agent scan time, vs the existing 45038 for the ‘appliance’ scan time. QID 45038 will no longer be applicable for CloudAgent after May 30, 2022, and would be just for Scanner.

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