Qualys Adds Support for Vulnerability Detections on Newly Released Amazon Linux 2022

Diksha Ojha

The Qualys VMDR team has added support for the newly released Amazon Linux 2022. This updated support will help security teams to check the Amazon Linux 2022 packages installed on a host and identify related vulnerabilities.

Amazon Linux 2022 is the next generation of Linux released by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This Linux version provides a stable, high-performance, and security-focused execution environment for cloud application development and working, along with access to the latest developments in Linux. For more information, please read the Amazon Web Services Page.

We are supporting Amazon Linux 2022 on the scanner and the cloud agent. We have enhanced our OS discovery on Amazon to detect Amazon Linux 2022 installations on the host. OS details are detected by executing the command


If this command finds OS String

Amazon Linux release 2022 (Amazon Linux)

it will flag OS as Amazon Linux 2022.

We have released 254 QIDs that cover all the advisories released by Amazon for Linux 2022 till now.

QIDs 45141 and 45017 are information-gathering QIDs that check for the default installed packages on a host.

Please continue to follow Qualys for updates on the latest vulnerabilities

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