Introducing Our New ‘On-Hold’ Feature: Put Your Support Cases on Hold When You Need To

Wilson Ortiz

We are thrilled to introduce a new On-Hold status for cases starting on the 6th of May 2023. This Case Status is designed to be used when you are not available to respond to a particular case for an amount of time. 

Suppose you are unavailable for reasons such as vacations, seminars, other priorities, or awaiting a maintenance window. In such cases, you can now request to place the case On-Hold until you can continue working on it.  Our Technical Support Engineers / Customer Service Representatives can now put the case On-Hold for a specified duration. The new case status will prevent the daily notifications that are sent today with the use of other case statuses.   

Once the specified duration is complete, our team will contact you requesting an update.   

Please note that the new case status should only be used when you have confirmed that you need more time before getting back to us. Our goal is to improve your overall experience with our services by providing additional and more flexible options when working with us. 

Please contact our support team with any questions or concerns regarding this feature or other support-related issues. 

Thank you for choosing Qualys.  We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with an exceptional experience. 

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