Qualys TotalCloud 2.5.0 Additional Release Updates

Shrikant Dhanawade

Qualys TotalCloud 2.5.0 release updates were previously announced through Qualys TotalCloud 2.5.0 Release Updates. We have also introduced additional essential functionalities in this release to improve the management of the organization connector, aligning with best practices.

Enhanced Configuration Sync and Best Practices for Management of Organization Connectors

One notable enhancement is the synchronization of all critical configurations from the Organization connector to the respective manually attached pre-existing connectors. This includes synchronising authentication records like AWS IAM Role ARN, ExternalId, and Polling Frequency and activating configurations such as Zero-Touch API-Based Assessment and CSPM Remediation.

As a recommended best practice, if you have deployed AWS organization connectors, it is necessary to utilize AWS CloudFormation StackSets for deploying cross-account IAM Roles to your member accounts. This practice ensures uniformity and helps prevent similar issues in the future, contributing to a more reliable and consistent connector setup.


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