Qualys Elevates Support With Revamped Case Creation: Fresh Design, Exciting Features!

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At Qualys, we strive to enhance your experience with our products and services. We are excited to announce that the case creation workflow is getting a makeover, bringing you a revamped design and exciting new features to streamline your support experience. As a logged-in user, starting January 7, 2024, you can explore the new look and feel of the Customer Support Portal (CSP) and its many improvements designed to make troubleshooting more effortless and efficient.

New Design for a Fresh Experience

Get ready for a visual treat! The case creation workflow comes with a brand-new look and feel. The redesigned portal isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s about functionality. We understand that ease of use is crucial when seeking support, and our new design reflects this commitment.

Introducing the “Tell Me How-to” Case

Introducing an effective way to address your non-break-fix issues – the Tell Me How-to case. We’ve identified that many common issues can be resolved more efficiently if we guide you through the process. With this new case type, you can find solutions to problems quickly and effortlessly.

No more browsing through complex documentation or navigating through endless menus. The Tell Me How-to case is your direct path to resolutions, streamlining the support process and ensuring you spend less time troubleshooting and more time focusing on your core tasks.

Search Feature

We understand that time is of the essence when you encounter a problem. Whether you are looking for troubleshooting guides, standard solutions from Qualys Support, or the latest platform status updates, our search feature ensures you find what you need in record time. No more guesswork – just accurate and relevant results tailored to your query. If you cannot find the relevant article and still have questions, please create a Tell Me How-to case.


At Qualys, we are committed to elevating your support experience, and the revamped case creation workflow is a testament to that commitment. From a sleek new design to innovative features like the Tell Me How-to case and improved search functionality, we’re putting the power of efficient support in your hands.

Get ready to explore the future of support – because at Qualys, we’re not just upgrading a portal but enhancing your journey with us. Welcome to the new era of seamless, user-centric support!

Frequently Asked Questions About the New “Tell Me How-to” Case Option:

How does a “Tell Me How-to” case differ from a Technical Support case?  
The Tell Me How-to case allows customers to ask questions like how to use product features, how to set up a process, how to configure, or how to perform any action, whereas, with the Technical Support case, customers can report technical issues that impact the function of their application.  

What assistance can a customer expect from the Tell Me How-to case?
A Tell Me How-to case is support assistance for customers to ask questions that will help them increase their product adoption and better utilize their subscriptions. Customers can ask questions like how to configure a specific setting, perform a particular action, set a connector, purge assets, update asset discovery, etc.

What type of users can submit a Tell Me How-to case?
All Qualys customers can access the Tell Me How-to case assistance.

How do you submit a Tell Me How-to case?
Qualys customers can submit a Tell Me How-to case from their product subscription by following the steps below. Log in to the product subscription > go to Help > click Customer Support. 

This redirects to the Customer Support Portal page. Go to the My Support Cases block > click Create a Support Case. From the pop-up, select the assistance option as Tell Me ‘How-to…’ and click Next.

This lands on the case creation page with the Tell Me How-to block highlighted. Fill in the form details and click Create ‘How-To’ Case. 

How do you check case updates once a Tell Me How-to case is submitted?
Once a Tell Me How-to case is submitted, customers can check case updates by following the steps below. Log in to the product subscription > go to Help > click Customer Support. 

This redirects to the Customer Support Portal page. Go to My How-to Cases tab, click on the case number to view its details, and under the Case Comments tab, find updates on cases from the case agent.  

What severities can be assigned to Tell Me How-to cases?
The Tell Me How-to cases are automatically set to Severity 3 (S3) by default, and Qualys customers cannot modify the severity. For urgent assistance, call Qualys support.

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