August 2021 Release: Agent Scan by Policy, Support to Apply Patches on Linux Assets and More

Pronamika Abraham

The Qualys Cloud Platform August 2021 releases include Qualys Cloud Suite and Portal releases, which contain new features and important enhancements in the Qualys Cloud Platform and Policy Compliance.

Feature Highlights

Qualys Cloud Platform

Option in the VMDR Prioritization Tab to Apply Patches on Linux

Previously, the Patch Now option in the VMDR Prioritization tab included support for only Windows patches. This release extends support to include Linux platforms, so that users can prioritize and apply patches on Linux assets as well.

Agent Scan by Policy

Earlier, the Scan by Policy option was enabled only on the Qualys scanners. Starting this release, users can leverage this feature by using Cloud Agents as well. All the policies included in the user’s subscription are included in the scan.

The Agent Scan by Policy Assets tab has been added under Policy Compliance > Assets, where users can view the list of hosts to which the Scan by Policy manifest is assigned and whether the feature has been successfully activated or not.

Extended UDC Support

Users can now create user-defined controls for the following new technologies:

  • IBM DB2 databases
    Execute custom SQL statements with IBM DB2 databases and create a policy report on the specified UDCs
  • Solaris 10.x and 11.x
    Execute UDC checks on Solaris 10.x and 11.x agents and create a policy report on the specified UDCs.
    Note: This release supports only SPARC and i386 platforms

Policy Compliance

With this release, Qualys Policy Compliance includes support for the following new technologies:

  • IBM DB2 11 and 12 on z/OS
  • vCenter 5.x and 6.x on Windows
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