Upcoming Support for Vulnerability Detections on Newly Released Amazon Linux 2023

Diksha Ojha

The Qualys VMDR team is working on adding support for the newly released Amazon Linux 2023. This updated support will help security teams to check the Amazon Linux 2023 packages installed on a host and identify related vulnerabilities. 

Amazon Linux 2023 is the next generation of Linux released by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This Linux version develops and runs cloud applications with enhanced security. It provides an application environment that offers long-term support with access to the latest innovations in Linux. For more information, please read the Amazon Web Services Page. 

Qualys will add support for Amazon Linux 2023 on the scanner and the cloud agent. Qualys will enhance OS discovery on Amazon to detect Amazon Linux 2023 installations on the host. 

Qualys will support all the Amazon Linux security advisories. The advisories cover vulnerabilities with critical and important severity ratings. Qualys will cover Golang, tomcat9, kernel, tar, nginx, Wireshark, and more packages addressed in the Amazon Linux advisories.  

QID 45017 is an information-gathering QID that checks for the default installed packages on a host. Please refer to the screenshot below: 

Qualys will start adding Vuln QIDs by the end of the month. 

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